The Story of The Course


I have been teaching domains of Hospice Palliative Care for over a decade. Most of my teaching, or facilitated training, has been directed to Hospice volunteers, nurses, PSWs, coordinators, managers, directors, and Board members. Although the teachings were framed from my personal experiences within the field, the basis of the education evolved from Hospice volunteer training. I've had the privilege of bearing witness to the impact of such education, in it's power to transform peoples' way of life. The emotional, psychosocial, spiritual growth and awareness that comes with the training was palpable, and very often times communicated as 'life-changing'. With that in mind, coupled with a great deal of encouragement from colleagues and friends, I decided to heed the notion that 'everyone needs to experience this learning'. And so, The Course was developed. 


Tried and tested in the field, The Course at The Centre is a melding of what I've learned what I've learned listening to the dying with my background in Homeopathic medicine, energy work and mindfulness training. The essence of The Course is self-awareness education, deeply rooted in a style of experiential learning while serving to touch us in our 'Centres', where our fears, perceptions and hopes about life and death find refuge.