Kintsugi Bowl: The Art of Precious Scars

A two-part, experiential workshop that utilizes a tangible medium, the bowl, to facilitate healing and transformation through our physical, emotional and psychospiritual 'scars'. 

Through our journey of life many of us are touched by painful events such as loss, trauma and grief. Oftentimes our lives are left in disarray as we attempt to move on and cope by hiding or burying our painful feelings. This experiential workshop utilizes a meditative process through a tangible medium to help develop resiliency and healing in the face of loss and trauma.

The Kintsugi Bowl is an ancient Japanese healing practice that serves to join back together that which was once broken, while showcasing the breaks and honouring the process. Kin means golden, Tsugi means repair, thus Kintsugi means ‘Golden Repairing’. In this two-part workshop, we will journey through the breaking of a self-selected bowl, and then repairing it by gluing back together the pieces that remain. This self-reflective process symbolizes the healing that can transpire through a facilitated expression of our pain. After repairing the bowl the cracks are illuminated by being painted with gold cern. In this way we serve to reclaim the beauty of a wounded spirit, while taking pride in the intentional joining of the breaks and missing parts of our lives.  

Cost: $100.00

Dates: Saturday October 26th 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Where: Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

To Register: Please contact Rami

Phone: (647) 949-7264


Space is limited. Pre-payment is required to secure.

Payment can be made by cheque or eTransfer.